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“Kathleen is a keen-sighted Visioneer.”


Engaged Audience

Walk away knowing how to access your intuition whenever you need it.

Instant Results

Packed with practical exercises that can be used immediately.

Make Clear Decisions

When you know what to do, it is easy to take the next step.

Buried Treasure!

Discover your hidden power that has been with you all along.

Kathleen sees a bigger picture than most of us. She transforms ideas into reality.

Elisabeth Ross

Kathleen is warm, inspiring and supportive. She is a breath of fresh air.

Nancy Levine

Talks, Presentations, Workshops

Intuitive Intelligence

Three Steps to make decisions with your intuition. Exercises, techniques and tips for immediate practical application.

Make Clear Decisions + Take Confident Action

Practical techniques for using your intuition to make solid decisions.

Become the person your dog thinks you are!

How to live your life in alignment with your best self.

Three Questions to Change Your Life

How to be an ultimate steward, be powerful with your money and have relationship integrity .

Say NO! Say YES!

How to hold your boundaries and take risks.

The Intuitive Decision

Packed with practical exercises and techniques for using your intuition so you can know what to do!

About Kathleen

Executive Meditation Coach, Intuitive Consultant, author of Five Minute Meditation and radio show host, Kathleen Bloom passionately encourages you to follow your intuition and meditate every day.

She enthusiastically and energetically leads and inspires people through intuitive training, coaching and public meditations in New York, London, Paris, Morocco and San Francisco.

Her students and clients are across the globe, including the US, France, Ireland, Spain and Germany, Denmark and Australia. She has been featured in print and online interviews, TV and radio.

She is the creator of The Intuitive Decision, a dynamic toolkit of techniques to access your intuition in any situation.

Recognized for her light hearted and easy going style, Kathleen guides executives, psychologists, writers, education professionals and entrepreneurs to meditate every day and use intuitive skills in practical applications for making clear decisions and taking confident action.

Kathleen is a Second Degree Black Belt. She taught martial arts in Oakland, California for 8 years and lives in Berkeley, California with her husband and 3 teenage daughters.

Kathleen has humor and vision and keen insights.

Lisa Titus

Kathleen is warm, inviting, uplifting, and full of positive energy.

Lily Valez

Kathleen is positive, energetic and straight to the point.

Molly Turner McDonald

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Lady Brain TV

The Delicious Life Show

Janus Journeys Guest Teacher

Afikomen Speaker Series

The Mystics Salon

Women In Freedom

Chodesh Women’s Circle

Full Circle Wellness Shift Series


Forgive! co-speaker with Dr. Sara Gottfried

Yoga and Meditation program co-teacher with Dr. Sara Gottfried

Forgive! EBA enrichment program

Meditate in the World: London, Marrakesh, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Tahoe


The Meditation Project

The Intuitive Decision

Women’s Intuition Program


Five Minute Meditation

The Answer Walk


Contact Talk Radio: Kathleen Bloom Show weekly 2008-2009

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Meditate in the World London

Meditate in the World Marrakesh

Meditate in the World New York

Meditate in the World Paris

Meditate in the World San Francisco

Meditate in the World Tahoe


Kathleen has keen uncanny insights.

Michelle DeSpain

Kathleen has a straightforward way of talking!

Cara Gubbins, PhD

Kathleen gives solid insights to take action.

Cynthia D'Amour

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Victoria Labalme and Kathleen Bloom