How to enjoy your meditation

Learn to let go

When you feel you are struggling with meditation, let go of your expectations of what it should be.

Often we may have an idea of what meditation should feel like. We can start to think that we are not doing it the right way. I know, I’ve had plenty of times when I thought I was doing it wrong.

But over the years I’ve realized that daily meditation practice is exceptionally personal. Your meditation is yours. No one else’s. Do it for yourself.

This is just for you

You have your reasons for meditating every day. Maybe it is for increased health and well being. Maybe it is part of your spiritual practice. Maybe you just want a break from the demands and distractions of the noisy world.

What ever your reason, it is your personal preference and your personal journey. That is one of the things I love about mediation. It’s just you and your practice.

So really, really let go of other peoples expectations of how it should be. Let go of even your own expectations.


When you let go of expectations, you can begin to settle deeply into a sense of ease. The pressure is gone and you are free to enjoy the benefits that brought you to meditation in the first place.

Stop. Sit. Breathe. Enjoy.

Best blessings,

How to enjoy your meditation