London – Meditate In The World

Did you “Meditate In The World!” today?

My public meditation, out in the world, was in London at Paddington Station right at noon. One of the pleasures of meditating in a public place is the surprise of how easy it is to do. And paradoxically, one of the busiest train stations around, London’s Paddington, is an ideal place for a meditation.

Wait a minute Kathleen! Did you just say that a loud, noisy, rushing, chaotic, busy train station is IDEAL for meditation??

OK! Let me qualify that a bit…not for everyday.

But the truth is that I bet your life is loud, noisy, rushing, chaotic, and busy – at least some of the time. So what better than to have an external experience to mirror the internal experience.

A reminder of how wild the inner mind and daily demands can be.
And a reminder of the necessity for a “time-out” every day.

Also, the train station is superficial. None of the noise and demand is for you. It is just in the background.

Consider this: how much of the chaos, noise, demand, distraction in your life is really and truly yours? How much of it is superficial and can be ignored? Not all of it, I know. But some of it.

So, my Meditation In The World was quite invigorating. I am always get excited before I meditate in public – and I do it a lot – cafes, coffee shops, bookstore, parks, beaches, city plazas, sidewalk, airports, and now train station!

How will it go? Will I be able to find quietness? Are people staring at me? Ignoring me?

And of course “why?”

Well, each time I learn something new. I notice something else. I experience another place of quiet and calm amidst the swirl that otherwise never presents itself.

Public Meditation is a wonderful treat to experience and just a little adventure that you can have wherever you may be. Give it a try.

Please remember SAFETY. I often have someone else with me who is the “keeper” and keeps an eye on me, any others participating, and the belongings. Use common sense…and Enjoy!



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