The Magic of the Pause

The Magic of the Pause

The Pause

One magical aspect that comes from mediation is the ability to take a longer pause. A longer pause between experience and reaction. That means when someone is irritating or distressing to you, you can have a little bit longer between what just happened and the time that you respond. That pause gives the opportunity to consider a different outcome. Instead of jumping to conclusions, you can listen. Instead of getting angry, you can breathe. Instead of making a rash decision, you can think it through.

You Can Have It Every Single Day

Daily meditation teaches you to pause. Not the kind of teaching where you suddenly realize, “Ah yes, now I must pause.” Rather, this kind of teaching is by simply doing it. Not thinking about it, but actually doing it. Actually pausing. Daily meditation is a chance to put the world on hold, on pause. So many times I have heard people express the wish to press a pause button and just be able to catch their breath. Well, here it is. It is accessible for you, within your grasp, within your control. You get to have it, Every Single Day, if you want it.

Immediate Demands

The pause that comes from meditation is what allows you to be slower to react to situations. You know the ones I am talking about. The various situations that come up a million times a day. Someone makes an immediate demand from you. You are square in the middle of something else and they want their needs met Right Now, damn it! Even if you are working for a demanding boss, you may still need to drop what you are doing to take on a new project, but the pause gives you a moment to let go of the manic energy that has been thrust your way. The pause gives you a chance to make your move from a place of being grounded instead of being off balance.

With The Pause You Have Choices

Your co-worker, spouse, in-law, or a friend makes a comment that gets you completely off guard. Maybe they something that was embarrassing to you, a small mean unkind word. Maybe they accused you or blamed you for something, maybe they insulted you. You might feel humiliated, defensive, angry, indignant. The red light goes on inside.

But instead of reacting, you can pause. Pause. Breathe. Gather yourself up. You can decide as to whether you want to respond, articulate your opinion, make yourself known, object or simply walk away. With the pause, you have choices. And instead of stuffing down your feelings or acting out your impulses, you have a moment of pause. During this time you become empowered with the opportunity for a clear head.

Train Your Body

The Pause comes directly from daily meditation, from taking time to train your body and your mind to pause. The lesson and experience of the pause is visceral and direct. If you practice it through daily meditation, you will experience it in your interactions with others. That pause may be the best thing to save your life in that moment. The practice of meditation is a pause, a deeper sense of awareness. A moment of grace

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. Meditate Every Day to get The Pause.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.


The Magic of the Pause