Boldly Follow Your Dream

Boldly Follow Your Dream


It’s time for you to boldly follow your dream – you know the one, it might be a grand idea that has been in your heart for years, it might be that essential project that has been on your mind for months.

You have the dream and now it’s time to follow it and make it happen.

Want to know the surprising secret to following your dreams boldly in a huge way?

Small steps.

Small steps taken every day is the path to making your dreams come true.

Here are 3 tips you can use to make sure your BIG dreams come true taking SMALL steps every day.

1. Start at the end. When you know your goal, when you know what you want to achieve, take a look at the steps you need to take starting from the end (reaching your goal) and working backwards to the the very first action that needs to happen right now. This is called Reverse Engineering and the most successful people have been using this method for many years.

2. Schedule it! Now take a look at those steps and put them on a realistic schedule taking small steps every day towards your goal. If your next step is on your schedule, you have a much greater chance of accomplishing it. As Marie Forleo says, “If it isn’t on the schedule, it doesn’t exist.” Get it on the schedule = Get it done!

3. Plan to change the plan

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. Be clear about your goal, be prepared to do the hard daily consistent work in small steps…AND give yourself the flexibility to adjust as needed.

Put this into action and watch your dreams unfold into reality.