Create What You Think

What you think is what you create. Each time you put forth a new thought, the world within you and around you begins to make that thought come true.

When you focus on the annoyances, disappointments, irritations and resentments, they will naturally grow. And each of these things becomes more manifest, more brilliant, more embodied in your everyday life.

So here is the good news. By switching your perspective, you get to change your experience and ultimately change the outcome of your life.

Shift your perspective from what is wrong to what is right. Focus on what is working – even if it is only one small thing. Put your attention and intention on seeing the good in your life.

Now watch as your life mysteriously begins to have more of the experiences you desire. Notice a deeper sense of clarity in your work, ease in your projects, joy in your friendships and greater compassion, instead of irritation, for your family.

Take a minute to look at an old picture with fresh eyes. It is all about intention.

Give it a try and notice how the shift in perspective causes a shift in experience.

Best blessings to you,