Get Grounded

Get grounded – what does it mean and how do we do it?

Our body is grounded by the earth’s pull of gravity so that we do not drift into space. But what about our minds or our emotions? It is easy for our inner self to “pop-out” of our body,  our outer self. Our language is filled with references that symbolize or imply some part of us leaving our body for one reason or another. Look at all the everyday phrases that suggest how we might leave our bodies.

When you are in a long meeting, “your mind wanders off.” You might snap back when your name is mentioned and say or think, “Oh, I was off somewhere else.” Maybe it was a daydream about Hawaii or solving a work problem. “I was off somewhere else” is a comment everyone understands.

When someone gets a terrible fright, they can be said to “jump out of their skin.” Regarding a traumatic experience, some people describe watching themselves from afar rather than feeling or experiencing the trauma. They are out of their body.

How about being in love? An old fashioned phrase is “fly to the moon.” Now that is out of your body!

Another phrase used is when you are late, you might describe it as being “in a hurry.” If you are in a hurry, it is hard to be in this moment. When you are out of your body you are not in the moment, and likewise, when you in your body you are able to be fully present in the moment.

Any time that you are “spaced out” or not able to focus, that is a sign that you are out of your body and need to get grounded.

There are many ways to get grounded – here are 3 types of them.

1. Physical. Any kind of physical movement can help you become grounded. Exercise is a great way to build endorphins and get you in your body. Movement is so primary – the first thing that comes to mind for getting grounded is to take a walk and get moving.

2. Stillness. Ironically, if movement gets you grounded, so does stillness. Stillness can calm your body, increase your awareness, help you clear your space and return your attention to your breath. All of these things will help you get grounded. When you are feeling out of sorts, even a five minute meditation can be restorative.

3. Nature. Being in nature. Want to get in your body? Step outside. Get some fresh air

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. Take a hike. Water is nature – even if you are completely bound to stay indoors, run cool water over your hands with the intention of getting grounded. This simple exercise is surprisingly refreshing and restorative.

Give these a try today.


get grounded

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