Going from crazy hectic to calm and still

Transition Into Stillness

In the Women’s Intuition class that I teach on Friday mornings, we always start and finish with a silent 5 Minute Meditation. There are a few reasons for this. The first 5 Minute Meditation is to make a simple and easy silent transition from the busy crazy hectic demands that occurred first thing in the morning on the way to class. It could be traffic, getting kids out the door, early morning meetings, email, conversations or errands. Any thing that happened before the class begins can be a distraction.

And, of course, that is the reality of life. Anything can become a distraction to our meditation and to listening to our intuition. That is the beauty of the first 5 Minute Meditation. Just a short meditation to make a transition into stillness.

So students want to know, “Is there anything I should do during this 5 Minute Meditation?” Nope. Just sit there. “Should I try to clear out all the noise in my head?” No. Just sit and let it all ramble on as much as it wants. Just sit.

Signal To The Body

This transition is a signal to the body that it is time to slow things down. Breathe. Start to settle into a quiet place. After that first 5 Minute Meditation, the class is ready to continue as we learn and practice how to listen deeply to our intuition. Because we took a moment to pause, to stop, to transition towards stillness, now we can better hear our profound inner wisdom.

At the end of our guided meditations, intuitive skills, healing exercises, sharing and learning we finish with another 5 Minute Meditation. This time our rambunctious chatter is gone. We gave it time to make a lot of noise and be wild at the beginning and now it has calmed down.

The 5 Minute Meditation at the end of the class is a time to settle in more deeply. Sometimes it is a time for reflection of the work we did together, sometimes it is a chance to just take the stillness we experienced earlier in the class to a little bit deeper place. Either way, it is quiet and easy and refreshing. And now we are ready for the rest of the adventures in the day ahead.

Powerful Tool

The 5 Minute Meditation is a powerful tool. Explore how it can be utilized for different types of meditation. Transition, stillness, deepening. Or just a break in the middle of the day. Try it out and let me know how it goes.


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