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Good Luck Favors The Prepared

Good luck favors the prepared.

Surely you have heard this saying before. Well it also holds true for intuition.

The ability to follow your intuition will be more favorable if you are prepared.

How can you prepare yourself for intuition?? Isn’t intuition something that just pops up randomly?

Actually, intuition can seem to appear out of nowhere, much like Good Luck.
But in fact there are things you can do to increase the likelihood of it showing up for you when you need it most.


First, listen to your intuition. (I know this sounds obvious.) In order to follow it, you have to hear it first.

Sometimes your intuition will be a small voice, other times it will be a booming warning sound.

Either way, first listen to it. Acknowledge it. Recognize it.


Second, trust it. When you hear that intuitive voice inside, there may be a hesitation to trust it.
A slight second guessing within yourself. That’s ok.

Just notice that you have a little tentativeness and move past it. Take a moment to trust your intuition.

If you do that, you build the trust within yourself more readily for the next time.
You are more prepared.


Third, follow it. Do the thing that is nudging inside of you. Take action and make it happen.
Each time you follow your intuition, it is like working a muscle that gets stronger.

Your intuition increases every time you use it. You are more prepared for it and it will show up for you more frequently, more easily and more favorably.

Every Day

What else can you do to increase your intuition?

Meditate every day. Daily meditation gets you in the habit of taking time to listen deeply to yourself and tapping into your inner wisdom.

Daily meditation cultivates intuition.

Good luck favors the prepared. Deep intuition favors the prepared.

Next time you hear that nudge, little voice or feel that gut instinct, follow it. You will be so glad you did.


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Get It When You Need It Most

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