How to use your intuition while shopping

Trying to pick the right gift for someone?

Here is a quick and easy intuition tool you can use while you are shopping, even amid the chaos of people, noise and sales clerks.

First of all,stop. Just take a moment to stop and breathe. If there are lots of shiny lights and distractions, just look at your feet for a second. This will help you get grounded.

Next step, hold the item you are considering buying in your hand. If possible, put everything else down and focus on the one single item in your hand.

Now state the question, either verbally or in your mind, “Should I buy this right now?” Make sure to include the “right now” in the question so you are perfectly clear. No need to add the person’s name or any other details to your question. Keep it a simple “yes or no” question.

As you state the question, “Should I buy this right now?” allow yourself to see a Green Light for “yes” and a Stop Sign for “no.” These are common symbols and can easily be imagined.

Without trying to think about which one is the answer, let the symbol that represents the best choice for you become clear in your mind’s eye.

When you get a clear indication of the “yes” Green Light or the “no” Stop Sign, be sure to follow through accordingly.

You already know whether or not to buy this item. You already know the best decision for your situation. All you are doing now is getting a clear answer so you can move forward.

Now go out there and try it! You may think this is too simple, but seriously, you have to try it and see how easy it is. Trust yourself. Trust your intuition. The more you do, the easier it is.

Best Blessings,


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