3 Steps to Access Your Intuition

You know that feeling of using your intuition in a situation and having it work out beautifully


Do you wish you could create that experience any time you needed a solution or direction?

Well, with practice you can! The steps to accessing your intuition are simple and easy. The key is to use them over and over again so you get comfortable with your natural ability to access your intuition.

Step One. Listen.

Take time to listen to your intuition with daily meditation. It can be a sitting meditation or a moving meditation. Having a time each day that you put aside to listen quietly to your deepest self is the lifeline of accessing you intuition.

Step Two. Trust.

Once you have heard that inner voice of wisdom, felt that gut instinct, sensed a intuitive nudge – it is time to trust it. Trust yourself. Sometimes this is taking a big deep breath and giving yourself permission to proceed. Sometimes it can be as simple as affirming to yourself, “I trust my intuition.” Sometimes it is taking a leap of faith into the unknown – that is a big trust in yourself.

Know this: You have the answer. You have the inner wisdom. You can trust yourself. You can trust your intuition.

Step Three. Follow.

Now go for it! You have listened to your intuition. You have decided to trust it. Now follow it. Take action immediately when you get an intuitive direction. It can be a small act or a large one. But make sure you deliberately do something concrete to follow your intuition. Whether it is a phone call, an email, signing up for a class or moving forward on a business idea.

If your intuition is directing you to not do something, be sure to validate that choice by saying aloud, “I am following my intuition by not doing this thing (phone call, an email, moving forward on a business idea, etc.)

The more frequently you use these three steps to access your intuition, the more natural it becomes and ready when you need it most.

Keep listening, trusting and following your intuition.



Trust Yourself

Trust yourself. You have deep wisdom inside that will lead you to exactly the best answer,  the best solution, the best course for your life.

Value, celebrate, honor and support your intuitive brilliance!

You know inside what to do. You know the truth. You know the answer.

You know.

And if your intuition and wisdom seem a little bit cloudy or foggy at the moment, don’t worry. That is easy to repair. Just take time every day to listen to the quiet voice inside you.

Listen to it and it will grow. Honor it and it will flourish.

Here are 3 ways you can hear your inner wisdom.

1. You can hear your inner wisdom when you are in stillness meditation. Taking time out every day to sit quietly gives you an opportunity to hear your truth. Your body-mind connection is especially powerful when you give yourself a chance to stop the busyness of your life and just sit still. Your body gets stillness, your mind gets stillness. Of course it does not happen all at once, but over time you will build the opportunity to experience stillness. So start now – you will be glad you did!

2. You can hear it in the shower. I love this one! You know how sometimes when you are in the shower or a hot bath you get all sorts of good ideas? Well that’s because your body is relaxing and your mind gets to flow freely – another example of the power of the body-mind connection. When you trying to figure out what to do and need your deep wisdom, get your body in a relaxed state – hot shower or bath – and give yourself permission to not have to solve the problem, but just relax and see what comes to mind. You might be surprised! Enjoy it.

3. You can hear it when you take a quiet walk. This time the body-mind connection comes from the rhythmic cadence from walking. It can be slow or fast, long or short. It does not matter. The key thing is to turn off the phone and music and just allow your mind to wonder. Give it time and space and you will discover new ideas and new ways of seeing your situation


Intuition? Or mind chatter?

You know that feeling when you think your intuition is telling you something, but you are not quite sure.

Maybe it’s your intuition, maybe its just some random thoughts going round in your mind.

So how do you decide which it is?

Here are a couple of strategies to try for getting clarity on your intuition.

1. Take a walk. There is nothing quite like taking a walk to clear your mind and get your body to relax. This gives you a chance to sort out the mind chatter from the deep internal wisdom.

2. Too cold to walk? Take a hot bath. Same thing happens when you soak – your body relaxes, your mind spins wildly and finally settles down. That is when the quiet whisper inside can be heard clearly and you know what to do.

3. Sleep on it. A frantic decision can often resolve it self with a good night sleep. This is especially powerful if you set your intention before you go to bed for a clear answer to be revealed to you in the morning.

Your intuition is ready for you to use. Getting clarity gets easier as you develop a deep trust in your inner truth. Try one of these tips to help with clarity and deep trust.





Third step to access your intuition [video]

Imagine you could access your intuition any time you needed it! Well, you can. And it is easy when you follow three simple steps.

Check out the video to find out what those three steps are and how to develop more in the third step to access your intuition.

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Second step to access your intuition [video]

Imagine you could access your intuition any time you needed it! Well, you can. And it is easy when you follow three simple steps.

Check out the video to find out what those three steps are and how to develop more in the second step to access your intuition.

What’s the first step? Find out more here. First step to access your intuition.

First step to access your intuition [video]

Imagine you could access your intuition any time you needed it! Well, you can. And it is easy when you follow three simple steps.

Check out the video to find out what those three steps are and how you can start today with the first step to access your intuition.

Quick tip for using your intuition

Here is a super quick tip for getting to your intuition.

Have you ever had a moment when you needed to make a decision about something but there were so many things going on that you could not even see clearly?

The phone is ringing,  texts are chiming, email is beeping. And all you want to do is have a minute of peace and quiet so you can listen to yourself think.

You know that the information you need is right inside your deep intuitive wisdom, but with all the distractions it seems impossible to get to it.

Here is what to do: take a walk.

Yup, sometimes it is that simple! Just put on your coat and head outside for some fresh air to clear the fog in your mind. When you walk (without your cell phone or music) your body unwinds and your mind can start to relax. Ahhh. That is when your intuition is most readily available to you.

The demands of other people, your own inner conversation, the interruptions and commotions all settle down.

Now you can hear yourself think.
Now you can hear your inner wisdom.
Now you can hear your intuition.

Once you listen to your intuition, be sure to trust it and follow it.

So next time you want to get an answer from inside yourself, go outside and take a walk.

Best blessings,


Easy as riding a bike

One question that comes up frequently is “How can I learn to trust my intuition?” The answer is as easy as riding a bike.

In my family there are 10 children and I was the last one to learn how to ride a bike. Even my two little brothers knew how to ride before me!

Learning to ride would bring freedom to roam the neighborhoods and get to the corner store to buy candy. But I was held back worried of zooming down the street and taking a dreaded spill. Ouch!

In all other respects, I was fearless – climbing tall trees, even the roof of our house. With my brothers we rode a rope swing 30 feet over the edge of the hill, screaming with delight. I slept outside under the stars listening to the hoot of owls and the flutter of bats.

Yet somehow riding a bike made me nervous.

Eventually the time had come to learn. We had neighborhood tennis courts on our block, so one of my brothers took me out and pushed the back end of the bike while I pedaled. Each time he started to let go I sensed it immediately and would put my feet down to bring the bike to a stop.

I could not trust myself to stay upright on the bike.

He convinced me to go just a tiny ways without him holding on before I stopped the bike. OK, I could try that. After a couple of attempts, my fear swelled up and I had to stop.

A few days later my Dad took me out to practice. This time I was willing to extend the distance and go a bit further. Little baby steps.

Then suddenly I heard my Dad giving a great big holler, “Good job!” I had been riding by myself the whole time I thought he was pushing me. WOW I did it!

The next big challenge was riding on the street and then later going down hills. Each time I was nervous and started out slowly until my experience was successful and my confidence grew.

It is the same with trusting your intuition.

Trusting yourself can be uncertain business. The paradox is that the more you trust yourself, the easier it becomes. But where do you start?

Little tiny baby steps. Small distances.

Start by listening to your intuition in ways that are safe and of little consequence. After you have the opportunity of following your intuition, your assurance will grow and you will have the courage to trust it more.

One day you will be completely at ease using with your intuition. It will be second nature and you never forget how to do it. Like riding a bike.

Next time your intuition nudges you, take a chance and trust it.



How to use your intuition while shopping

Trying to pick the right gift for someone?

Here is a quick and easy intuition tool you can use while you are shopping, even amid the chaos of people, noise and sales clerks.

First of all,stop. Just take a moment to stop and breathe. If there are lots of shiny lights and distractions, just look at your feet for a second. This will help you get grounded.

Next step, hold the item you are considering buying in your hand. If possible, put everything else down and focus on the one single item in your hand.

Now state the question, either verbally or in your mind, “Should I buy this right now?” Make sure to include the “right now” in the question so you are perfectly clear. No need to add the person’s name or any other details to your question. Keep it a simple “yes or no” question.

As you state the question, “Should I buy this right now?” allow yourself to see a Green Light for “yes” and a Stop Sign for “no.” These are common symbols and can easily be imagined.

Without trying to think about which one is the answer, let the symbol that represents the best choice for you become clear in your mind’s eye.

When you get a clear indication of the “yes” Green Light or the “no” Stop Sign, be sure to follow through accordingly.

You already know whether or not to buy this item. You already know the best decision for your situation. All you are doing now is getting a clear answer so you can move forward.

Now go out there and try it! You may think this is too simple, but seriously, you have to try it and see how easy it is. Trust yourself. Trust your intuition. The more you do, the easier it is.

Best Blessings,


Find the “right” answer

You know those times when you have to make a decision about something – its not a big deal, but until you make your choice its holding up everything else. You need an answer and you need it now!

Well here is a super quick and easy trick you can do to find out your best choice.

Flip a coin. 

Yup – that’s right! When you are trying to make a fast decision about something, determine heads to be one answer and tails to be the other.

And then toss the coin in the air. It does not matter whether the coin lands on heads or tails, because here is the secret:

Once the coin is in the air, you will naturally wish for it to go one way more than the other.

I’ve heard myself exclaim upon the result of the coin toss, “Yes! That is exactly what I wanted!” as well as “Bummer, I was hoping for the other one.”

Either way is perfect because your reaction points to your true desire.

You know the answer inside you. Have fun with this trick next time you need to make a quick choice.


Short and sweet words of wisdom

Kathleen Bloom S&T This morning I decided to check in with my teenage daughters about intuition. We were driving in the car on our way to an early morning appointment and so I just asked them for any thoughts on why you should listen to your intuition.

Talia answered immediately,  “It feels good and gives you confidence.”

That is why you should listen to your intuition.

And she continued,  “The more you listen, the easier it becomes.”

It was completely obvious to Sarah why she listens to her intuition: “It’s the right answer, why wouldn’t you listen to it?!”

Really, need I say more? Succinct and clear.

Next time you might hesitate to listen to your intuition, do it anyways because:

It feels good,
gives you confidence
it is the right answer for you.
(Why would you not listen to the right answer?)

And remember,
the more you do it the easier it becomes.

Best to you,


Deep, clear, easy

The more often you trust yourself, the deeper that trust becomes.

The more frequently you follow your intuition, the more clear your intuition becomes.

The more you meditate, the easier it becomes.

That’s all.

Take loving care and have compassion for yourself

With much love and light,

Get It When You Need It Most

Good Luck Favors The Prepared

Good luck favors the prepared.

Surely you have heard this saying before. Well it also holds true for intuition.

The ability to follow your intuition will be more favorable if you are prepared.

How can you prepare yourself for intuition?? Isn’t intuition something that just pops up randomly?

Actually, intuition can seem to appear out of nowhere, much like Good Luck.
But in fact there are things you can do to increase the likelihood of it showing up for you when you need it most.


First, listen to your intuition. (I know this sounds obvious.) In order to follow it, you have to hear it first.

Sometimes your intuition will be a small voice, other times it will be a booming warning sound.

Either way, first listen to it. Acknowledge it. Recognize it.


Second, trust it. When you hear that intuitive voice inside, there may be a hesitation to trust it.
A slight second guessing within yourself. That’s ok.

Just notice that you have a little tentativeness and move past it. Take a moment to trust your intuition.

If you do that, you build the trust within yourself more readily for the next time.
You are more prepared.


Third, follow it. Do the thing that is nudging inside of you. Take action and make it happen.
Each time you follow your intuition, it is like working a muscle that gets stronger.

Your intuition increases every time you use it. You are more prepared for it and it will show up for you more frequently, more easily and more favorably.

Every Day

What else can you do to increase your intuition?

Meditate every day. Daily meditation gets you in the habit of taking time to listen deeply to yourself and tapping into your inner wisdom.

Daily meditation cultivates intuition.

Good luck favors the prepared. Deep intuition favors the prepared.

Next time you hear that nudge, little voice or feel that gut instinct, follow it. You will be so glad you did.


If you like it, share it. Thanks. xo

Get It When You Need It Most

Trust Your Self

Trust yourself.

Far more than you realize, you have the ability to know exactly what to do in any given situation by listening to your intuition. It will guide you to the answer that is best for you.

Your intuition is a powerful tool that you can call upon at any time. Maybe your intuition is a little bit rusty from being out of use. Maybe it’s a little bit dull from neglect.

That’s ok – it’s easy to get your intuition back into shape and tip top form. How do you do that? Here are 3 simple ways:

1. Each time you hear that small voice inside of you, whispering with insight, take a moment to acknowledge it. By this small act of acknowledging your inner truth, it can begin to increase and become easier to recognize.

2. Take time out of your busy day to sit quietly and listen to yourself. Even a daily 5 Minute Meditation will allow you to hear your deepest self more readily.

3. Take a walk. Walking, without cell phone and music, is a way to relax the mind and allow your deep intuition and gut instincts to bubble up to the surface where you can recognize them easily.

So next time you are wondering what to do in a situation, tap into your intuition for guidance and trust yourself.


Take Time For Yourself

Take time for yourself.

Today’s life is busier than ever and way too many people are making demands on you.
Agendas, to do lists, meetings, phone calls, emails and mandatory this-and-that.

With the pressure rising to be more and do more,
take time for yourself and just stop the madness – even if only briefly.

What can you do?

5 Minute Meditation
You’ve heard me talking about this one lots of times.
Try the 5 Minute Meditation today – it is so easy.

Go Take A Hike
Walk, jog, run, skip, hike, skate, bike.
Get outside and enjoy being in nature.

Shake It Up!
Put on some music and dance and get movin’ and groovin’ in a way that makes you happy.

Pop Pop Popcorn
Make a big bowl of popcorn and curl up to a good movie or book

Sit back and relax.

Maybe you’ve got other another idea of how to find time for yourself – whatever it is,
do it and you will be rejuvenated and ready to bring your best into the world again!


Listen To Your Truth

Know that you have the truth inside you. You know what to do in each situation that presents itself in your life. You can access the truth, your best options, all the information you need if you are willing to take the time to listen carefully.

With care.

How do you do this?

Stop. Sit. Breathe. Wait.

Have patience and trust the process. If you sit quietly every day, you will begin to develop the ability to recognize the difference between what is your inner truth and what is the noise and distraction of the world.

It is simple and powerful.

But here is the key: Only you can do it. No one can do it for you. You can’t buy it, borrow it, steal it or otherwise get it from the outside.

You are the one who has to make the decision to create that meditation commitment. Every Day.

Start with 5 minutes. Right now. And set you timer every day this week to make time to sit in silence and stillness, with care. To hear yourself think and to listen to your truth. Enjoy.


Keep It Simple

Sometimes the best way to proceed is to stick to the basics. Nothin’ Fancy Here.

So in a clear effort to keep it simple, let me give you this for thought:

Meditate Every Day + Follow Your Intuition

The Meditate Every Day part of this equation can be as short and easy as a 5 Minute Meditation.

The Follow Your Intuition is as simple as a pause. When you hear that small voice, take a breath and pause for a moment. Listen to it, trust it and give yourself permission to follow it

That’s it. Enjoy!

Best to you,

It is no accident that I had no accident

It’s no accident there was no accident for me.

It happened this morning on my way to the dojo. There is a particular route I drive most days. Drop off the kids at the bus, stop for a cup of coffee, maybe there is time for an errand or two. You know the drill – it is all part of the daily routine.

As I was on my usual way, I was surprised when out of the blue, clear as a bell, I hear this thought in my mind: change routes now.

For a brief moment I resist.

But then I give into this seemingly absurd notion and pull into the left hand turn lane to take a different highway to the dojo.

And yes, sure enough, it happened right before my eyes.

It was a typical accident. A van pulls out of the parking lot and rolls partially into the street. The small car in the lane closest to the van swerves to miss it. But unfortunately, there is a light truck in the next lane. As the truck is knocked into the oncoming traffic, bits of car parts are sent flying over the road into all 4 lanes.

In slow motion I see the truck heading straight for me. Right where I would have been. Except I am not there. I am in the left hand turn lane a few car lengths back. Out of harms way because I listened, trusted and followed my intuition.

(Remember the story when I listened to my intuition, but didn’t follow it…)

This time it was such a visceral experience since I saw the accident happen right before my eyes. The results of my choice were clear and immediate.

Wheh! That was a close one. It turned out that no one injured.

It was a relatively small accident, but one that still left everyone shaken. And thankful that no serious harm was done.

So this is a good time to increase your awareness: next time you hear your intuition giving you an odd command, listen to it. Trust it. Follow it.

It could save your life

Take good care of yourself.
And drive safely.


Sometimes The Best Way To Teach Is To Get Out Of The Way

People often ask me to teach them how to meditate and so I always prefer to give simply the most basic instruction necessary.

In my classes, what I am doing instead of teaching how to meditate is giving you the opportunity to experience it. Holding the space to make it easier or even possible. And I think that counts for a lot.

It happened today when I was leading an Aikido class where a third of the class was made up of black belts who have been training for many years longer than me (talk about intimidating!)

Instead of trying to “teach” them something, I demonstrated a series of familiar techniques and created the opportunity for the experience of vigorous training.

All the students trained according to their own capabilities and the result was a tremendously satisfying class.

Often times when we are in charge of a situation, we feel inclined to instruct to such an extent that our words become a mandate.

This is especially true for me if the person that I am instructing happens to be my teenage daughter. I really really want her to get the information I am giving her so she can learn it already!

But just like the meditation classes and the Aikido class, my best teaching is not teaching at all. It is a thousand times more effective if I give her a few guidelines and hold the space for her to safely experience it on her own.

This is an exceptionally ripe opportunity for paying careful attention to what my intuition is telling me – often it is telling me to Stop Talking!

It can seem unproductive to only give the slightest amount of instruction, but in reality all the words in the world are not nearly as valuable as just doing it.

So maybe you have a situation in your life like that – a child, an employee, a co-worker or a student. Maybe instead of teaching them how to do something, just give them a few choice guidelines and lots and lots of space to safely explore, experiment and experience it for themselves.

Give it a try.