Meditating in -2 Degrees (that’s -18 in Celsius!)

During winter break we went up to Tahoe for a family ski trip. It was beautiful and we all enjoyed plenty of good skiing for the week.

My practice is that during the course of my travels, I like to experience a public meditation. Sometimes I get to do that with other people and sometimes I do it by myself in a public setting. So, of course, Tahoe was no different – except that it was COLD!

The temperature was -2 degrees – and that is Fahrenheit, it was -18 in Celsius! But I was determined to sit outside in the Northstar Village and bring meditation into the world. No fanfare, just a quiet silent stillness amidst the bustling crowds of folks on a holiday.

So I found a sunny spot and decided to start with a 5 Minute Meditation. It was quite surprising that once I settled in, it was effortless to go another 20 minutes. My bum was really cold, but the shining sun kept the rest of my body warm enough.

My favorite part was relaxing into the moment and tapping into the ancient grandness of the mountain. It was easy to see how transient my worries are in the face of such a lasting and solid rock of earth. As the people hurried by me, I often sensed the excitement, anticipation, worry and unrelenting go-getting-ness of people with an agenda for having a good time.

It was interesting to observe and I noted how often I fall into that place of being determined for things to happen in a certain way instead of allowing a more natural flow of life to occur. In reality, it takes both the determination and the allowing – but it’s important not to let one overtake the other.

After nearly a half hour, it was time to get moving! So off I went for another day enjoying being outside and appreciating the gorgeous mountain and the sense of groundedness it gave me.

Best blessings to you,

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