Move Your Body

Of course you know that daily meditation is great for you. But what about those times when it feels impossible to sit still? One way to enjoy your practice is through a moving meditation. This is ideal when you are just simply too restless to sit quietly and you want to cultivate mindfulness in a movement form.

Take a meditation walk and begin to let go of some of the excess energy and anxiousness. A meditation walk will rejuvenate both your body and your mind.

When you go on a walking meditation, be sure to leave your phone, music, errands and window shopping behind.

Have an awareness of where and how you are walking while you allow yourself to remain outside the busy activities of your surroundings. Walk at an easy pace and let your mind become calm as your body settles into the rhythm of your footsteps.

Other movement meditations can be anything where your body enters into a cadence or rhythm and allows your mind to eventually settle. Some ideas include swimming laps, folding laundry, rowing a boat, sweeping or raking leaves.

The key is to get a physical rhythm through motion which causes your mind to clear as the body moves with ease.

Having mindfulness while you are in a meditation walk or other moving meditation is an excellent way to develop mindfulness for the rest of your day .

Give it a try and Enjoy!