What part of your body…

Did you know that it is completely possible to listen to your intuition through various parts of your body? Ok, I know this sounds odd, but it will make more sense when I explain.

Your intuition is deeply rooted in your body and will be revealed naturally to each of us in different ways and at different times.

Most common is what we frequently refer to as “gut instinct.” You have probably even talked about “a feeling right in the pit of my stomach.”

Some people feel their intuition in their feet or legs, as if they are being led to do something and the body already knows it.

Other people sense it in their mind either as a picture of what to do next or as a thought expressed in words.

Some people feel it in their throat when they get ready to speak. They may know they must say something and are being led by their deep intuition to speak up.

What is your way?
What part of your body do you use to listen to your intuition?

I listen to my intuition in my mind’s eye. I can see what I need to do in my mind and can make choices from there.

See if you can figure out what part of your body “speaks” to you and tap into that when you need to know what to do.



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  1. One of the things I love about this idea of our intuition in our bodies is that it makes it possible to get access anywhere, anytime. Its all inside!

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