Your Next Step is…Gratitude

Have you even tried to figure out what is your next step?  It can be frustrating when you are not quite sure what to do and that makes it even harder to figure it out.

Here is an exercise to try:

Your Next Step is Gratitude.

By being thankful, expressing gratitude or acknowledging appreciation you can see the good already in your life.

When you do this, your body and your mind both start to relax a bit.

You can breathe easier.

You can think clearly.

Ah, now you see how this works…breathe easy, think clearly. These are the things you need to clear your mind and see through the fog to what is your best Next Step.

It is so simple, try out loud “I am so grateful for… in my life.”

Or tell a friend “Thank you, I appreciate you.”

Best blessings,



8 Replies to “Your Next Step is…Gratitude”

  1. I am grateful for YOU.
    OK, two things…I am grateful for being alive today. I got my kids off to school and now am spending time getting work done. It sounds really simple, but I appreciate having the chance to do that.

    Thank YOU for being here!

  2. Another thing I appreciate is my minivan.

    It is super un-cool, but it gets me around town with plenty of room for all the kids and their friends.

    Last night and again this morning they loaded up and packed the minivan with their friends and tons of gear from a slumber party.

    It was such a pleasure to hear them chatting and happy to be together.

  3. I am very grateful for my eyesight today. Because I am able to see the rain today. Rain is always a reminder for me to slow down, release my concerns and rest.
    I am even grateful in my eyesight for the headache which again makes me rest, release and smile.

  4. I am grateful to have a car that starts and stops when I want it do. Over the years I’ve had cars that had problems with both (no brakes!!!). My latest even has cold A/C which is a welcome first.

  5. Absolutely – both are essential! And now that you have a need for A/C, its good to have!

    Thanks Dan

  6. I’m grateful that I’m in good health,
    I can see, hear, talk,
    things we take for granted in life,
    With one of those senses,
    I’m greatful that I now can see the first
    snow covering the top of the mountains!

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