4 steps to kick fear out of your body

Have you ever faced a sense of fear in one area of your life and had it spill over in other parts in your life? Or maybe there is just this one thing that seems fearful to you but it holding you back from moving forward.

Either way, the fear is blocking your life force and keeping you from going to your next awesome place in life.

Because fear is something we hold in our body, each time we encounter fear it become a visceral experience.

Breaking the pattern of fear and getting rid of it happens when we create a new mind-body pattern instead.

Here are the 4 steps break the lock of fear in your life by creating a new mind-body experience. Choose it for anything that feels scary for you and it will spread to all aspects of your life.

1. Decide. Make a decision to do something scary. It can be something you just know you have to do of have always wanted to do. It can be skydiving, public speaking, approaching someone you have been eager to connect with or attending a workshop. Of course everyone has a different idea of what is scary. Once you figure out what is best for you – make the decision and commitment to do it.

2. Plan. If it is skydiving, plan the date and time, set aside the money and make the payment. If it’s public speaking, determine the venue or group, set the date and contact the people. Once it is on the schedule, its a real plan!

3. Prepare. This is an important part of empowering you to move forward. Before skydiving, you will need to know how to use the equipment, maybe have practice the steps for the jump and landing. You will need a level of preparation. For public speaking, you will need a speech – you prepare when you write it up and practice it. Preparing already removes some of the fear.

4. Ok, now do it! Get the support and encouragement you need from friends or family (or maybe you want to do it without telling anyone – that’s fine) and be sure to follow through. This is the part where you create a new pattern in your body for overcoming fear. You feel the fear, the rush and you proceed anyhow. You are changing the pattern of fear in your body and that will change your life.

Yippee! Go for it and then celebrate afterwards. Give yourself a pat on the back for facing your fear and getting rid of it.



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  1. I think just deciding and breaking the pattern so we can create new patterns is so pertinent. I also think many of our fears comes from pushing through (or attempting) our upper limits.

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