Choose Your Words With Care

Choose your words with care.

When we speak to other people and particularly when we speak to ourselves, our words are powerful. Each word has the opportunity to affect an outcome. Each word can create action. Each word forms an impression, good or bad, that leads to a result of some sort.

You have seen how your words of encouragement to a friend may have helped them at just the right moment. You have experienced the spontaneous kind words from someone that gave you strength when you need it. You have heard words of inspiration that lead you to take a new action or a new direction in your life.

Words are powerful.

Now consider the words you use to speak to yourself. Usually we speak to ourselves in our head, but sometimes something is uttered out loud unconsciously. Have you ever said, “Oh, how could I be so stupid?” Or “What is wrong with me?”

We do that sometimes. We say mean things to ourselves that we would likely never say to someone else.

So how about this – try something this week. Choose something about yourself that you want to hear as encouragement, support or inspiration. And then, for the week, say it aloud to yourself at least once each day and see what happens.

You might be surprised, uncomfortable, relieved or something else. Don’t worry about how you will feel…just do it.

Here are some ideas: “Good job!” (short and simple) “I love my life” (Very Powerful if you do that every day) or even “Thank You” (when is the last time you thanked yourself)

Give it a try.