Know That Tingly Feeling?

You know that tingly feeling?

Often times when we are trying to make a decision, there are many factors, variables and options to consider. There are agendas and ideas and other people to take into account. It can be over whelming and confusing at times.

But as you proceed, take a moment to pause. Stop. Listen. Notice. And you will be able to sense somewhere deep inside you that tingly sensation, a small voice, a butterfly in your stomach that is calling out, “Here! Look here for the answer!”

That smallest deepest sensation that is tapping, nagging, whispering, tingling, is your deepest truth trying to get your attention. And with awareness you can hear it and with courage you can follow it.

Trust it. Build on it and take action.

Maybe it is with a little trepidation at first, but each time you follow your deepest truth it becomes stronger and you become more confident in your choices.

Give it a try today.