Create Positive Outcome

My Garden in Summer - sectionCreate positive outcome by expecting positive outcome. You already know that if you continuously repeat negative thoughts in your mind about a situation, then you increase the likelihood of actualizing those very negative thoughts you fear.

Your mind creates your reality. Not in a vague way, but in a real and absolute way. Let me say that again, your mind creates your reality.

Your body trusts your mind and will follow it. So as you say “I always get a cold in November,” your body complies regardless of circumstance. In fact, your body will create circumstances ever appearing to be spontaneous to support your thoughts and words and intentions. So if you have spent your life confirming that you always get a cold in November and this year by Thanksgiving you have not yet gotten a cold, your body will mysteriously, yet reliably sit next to the one person at the table who is sick and will be quite pleased with itself as it fulfills the declarations of the mind. And then you can announce to yourself on that last Sunday in November with your best Eeyore voice, “See, it always happens.”

Instead of the loss and grief of creating a reality of your negative projections and mindless internal chatter, what if you switch gears and create positive outcome by expecting positive outcome. Tell yourself everyday in every way that you have exactly the outcome you desire, exactly the life want, exactly the challenges that best serve you, exactly the things you need.

I can assure you one of two things will happen. One, you will begin to see your life differently. You will begin to recognize all of the places and times and situations it goes well for you. You will begin to imagine that what you have really is what you want.

Two, your life will actually change inexplicably and you will find yourself in new situations and circumstances that draw into your life exactly what you want. Most likely a combination of these two possibilities will occur and forces within you and forces outside of you will coincide to fulfill your intentions and pronouncements.

Enjoy the tremendous benefits and experiences from the bounty of creating positive outcome by expecting positive outcome.

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