The Cat [video]

Here is an important reminder to stay amused even when you are building a meditation practice.
(Especially when you are building a meditation practice!)

It is only 16 seconds…


8 Replies to “The Cat [video]”

  1. Soooooooo funny. As a cohabitant with cats (one hardly “owns” a cat) I know how they have knack for picking just the right time to get in the way. Glad you saw the humor in it Kathleen.:)

  2. (-: cute kitty. I’m pretty sure that she was asking you to give her some grounding… or you were asking her. Either way it works.

  3. Wow Talia – you are right. I never thought of it that way. But cats are so naturally instinctive.

  4. Ha that was absolutely funny I told you the Idea would work ( the one about pictures and videos) plus you looked really serious until the end so that added the extra laugh


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