Easy as riding a bike

One question that comes up frequently is “How can I learn to trust my intuition?” The answer is as easy as riding a bike.

In my family there are 10 children and I was the last one to learn how to ride a bike. Even my two little brothers knew how to ride before me!

Learning to ride would bring freedom to roam the neighborhoods and get to the corner store to buy candy. But I was held back worried of zooming down the street and taking a dreaded spill. Ouch!

In all other respects, I was fearless – climbing tall trees, even the roof of our house. With my brothers we rode a rope swing 30 feet over the edge of the hill, screaming with delight. I slept outside under the stars listening to the hoot of owls and the flutter of bats.

Yet somehow riding a bike made me nervous.

Eventually the time had come to learn. We had neighborhood tennis courts on our block, so one of my brothers took me out and pushed the back end of the bike while I pedaled. Each time he started to let go I sensed it immediately and would put my feet down to bring the bike to a stop.

I could not trust myself to stay upright on the bike.

He convinced me to go just a tiny ways without him holding on before I stopped the bike. OK, I could try that. After a couple of attempts, my fear swelled up and I had to stop.

A few days later my Dad took me out to practice. This time I was willing to extend the distance and go a bit further. Little baby steps.

Then suddenly I heard my Dad giving a great big holler, “Good job!” I had been riding by myself the whole time I thought he was pushing me. WOW I did it!

The next big challenge was riding on the street and then later going down hills. Each time I was nervous and started out slowly until my experience was successful and my confidence grew.

It is the same with trusting your intuition.

Trusting yourself can be uncertain business. The paradox is that the more you trust yourself, the easier it becomes. But where do you start?

Little tiny baby steps. Small distances.

Start by listening to your intuition in ways that are safe and of little consequence. After you have the opportunity of following your intuition, your assurance will grow and you will have the courage to trust it more.

One day you will be completely at ease using with your intuition. It will be second nature and you never forget how to do it. Like riding a bike.

Next time your intuition nudges you, take a chance and trust it.



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