Quick tip for using your intuition

Here is a super quick tip for getting to your intuition.

Have you ever had a moment when you needed to make a decision about something but there were so many things going on that you could not even see clearly?

The phone is ringing,  texts are chiming, email is beeping. And all you want to do is have a minute of peace and quiet so you can listen to yourself think.

You know that the information you need is right inside your deep intuitive wisdom, but with all the distractions it seems impossible to get to it.

Here is what to do: take a walk.

Yup, sometimes it is that simple! Just put on your coat and head outside for some fresh air to clear the fog in your mind. When you walk (without your cell phone or music) your body unwinds and your mind can start to relax. Ahhh. That is when your intuition is most readily available to you.

The demands of other people, your own inner conversation, the interruptions and commotions all settle down.

Now you can hear yourself think.
Now you can hear your inner wisdom.
Now you can hear your intuition.

Once you listen to your intuition, be sure to trust it and follow it.

So next time you want to get an answer from inside yourself, go outside and take a walk.

Best blessings,


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