The Sweet Spot

The path of least resistance is a powerful concept to keep in mind in life. It allows you to live without creating unnecessary struggle for yourself. It gives you the opportunity to go with the flow.

Break through the resistance is another powerful concept to practice. When things get tough and you want to quit, keep pushing so you can break through the resistance and get to the other side.

So which is it? Each are embodied by opposing images – “going with the flow” in the very picture of lounging in a boat floating down the river. An image for “break through the resistance” that comes to mind is a weightlifter pushing those weights beyond what was thought possible.

Living in either of these states all the time is not ultimately conducive to a rich life, but there is that place in between…the sweet spot.

Every day, every project, every situation has a sweet spot where you can both take the path of least resistance as well as break through the resistance. So how do you find it? How can you live a consistent life in the sweet spot?

Here are 3 tips for life in the sweet spot.

1. Eat Well. Good nutrition not only affects the body, but it affects the brain and the ability to see clearly and make good decisions. Its such an obvious thing, but eating well is essential for your best life.

2. Meditate Daily. Taking time out every day to sit in stillness gives you the opportunity to see the world in a fresh way. You can take off the burden of being “on” all the time and sit back and breathe without having to accomplish anything.

3. Pay Attention. Notice the inner urging and nudging that changes with each situation. Is this a time to go with the flow and keep it simple or is this one of those moments when you have to bite down and be disciplined to get through the hard part? Listen to yourself and your wisdom to find out what to do. There is no one single answer, it changes continuously.

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2 Replies to “The Sweet Spot”

  1. Great reminders Kathleen. I am guilty of not eating well. I get so engrossed in my day to day activities that I barely have time to carefully nit pick foods that should nourish me. I keep forgetting it affects my mood and my entire being. Great post!

  2. yes, its easy to forget that simple but obvious thing of eating well. I feel so much better when I have nourishing food!

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