Intuition? Or mind chatter?

You know that feeling when you think your intuition is telling you something, but you are not quite sure.

Maybe it’s your intuition, maybe its just some random thoughts going round in your mind.

So how do you decide which it is?

Here are a couple of strategies to try for getting clarity on your intuition.

1. Take a walk. There is nothing quite like taking a walk to clear your mind and get your body to relax. This gives you a chance to sort out the mind chatter from the deep internal wisdom.

2. Too cold to walk? Take a hot bath. Same thing happens when you soak – your body relaxes, your mind spins wildly and finally settles down. That is when the quiet whisper inside can be heard clearly and you know what to do.

3. Sleep on it. A frantic decision can often resolve it self with a good night sleep. This is especially powerful if you set your intention before you go to bed for a clear answer to be revealed to you in the morning.

Your intuition is ready for you to use. Getting clarity gets easier as you develop a deep trust in your inner truth. Try one of these tips to help with clarity and deep trust.





6 Replies to “Intuition? Or mind chatter?”

  1. For me, intuition is a gut feeling from deeeeep down within. I can FEEL it. Mind chatter? It’s only up in my head. That’s how I tell 🙂

  2. Alex, I love it! You can actually feel your intuition. Thats a great way to distinguish – after all the mind-body-spirit connection informs us deeply when we pay attention to how we actually feel. thnx!

  3. i love your three suggestions, kathleen! my intuition speaks to me through the pages of my journal. i begin each day with morning pages which help me gain clarity (and i write several other times throughout the day as well).

  4. Great post, Kathleen. I’ve done all 3 of these suggestions with great success. I’m particularly fond of the hot baths in winter. I’ve had magical moments of insight in the bath.

    When I “sleep on it”, I like to write the question in my journal before I go to bed, and then write down the answer as I dream it — even if it’s in the middle of the night! 🙂

    Lastly, I’m a rune girl. I’ve cast them since college. My intuition always speaks to me through those readings.

  5. Hi Michelle! Writing it down before you “sleep on it” is brilliant! What a great way to set your intention and validate getting the information you need.

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