I know exactly what to do!

“I know exactly what to do.” You know that situation when you are trying to figure out what to do and there are so many competing thoughts ideas and options that finding the best choice seems impossible? That can be crazy-making!

Here is an exercise for that situation. When there is a problem I am trying to solve or a choice to make, saying to myself “I know exactly what to do” actually leads me to the answer.

Here is how…

When I say these words to myself, “I know exactly what to do” the answer does not just magically pop into my head (OK, sometimes it does!) but what generally happens is that I set in motion an experience for my mind-body connection.

Hearing those words allows my shoulders to relax, my breathing slows down a bit and the spinning in my mind takes a pause. Having slowed down a bit, I can listen to the wisdom from my intuition as well as the knowledge from my intelligence.

The answer is within my reach and now I set myself up for success in solving the problem. Even if the answer does not come immediately, I know I can figure it out.

This exercise can work for you, too. These words give you a reminder that you can access the information. Sometimes the answer is right in front of you, other times it might come a little later.

You will experience some of the tension leaving your body as you relax and give yourself the chance to trust yourself and your abilities to figure it out.

Once you start to train yourself to believe in your ability to know what to do, you will create the success of working with your intuition and intelligence to get the solution that is best for your situation.

Try it this week. Next time you are spinning in your mind about a decision or a problem, say the words “I know exactly what to do” and notice how your body relaxes and you start to think more clearly.



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  1. I like this Kathleen, It seems so simple but yet so effective. I am definitely going to incorporate this into my daily practice. I love reading tips like these. Thank you!

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