Own your space

You know that feeling where everyone is in your space.
You are getting bombarded with so many ideas, agendas and neediness from others, you can’t even think straight.

And when you have few quiet moments to yourself, even then they move in on you and take over your quiet time – your mind spinning with all the thoughts about other people’s demands on your time and life.

Now its time to stop all that – and get your space back for yourself!

Your personal space is yours and only you get to say what is allowed in. This goes for all aspects – your body, your spirit and your mind.

Having ownership over your space means you are in charge of the influences and claims on your time and thoughts. Sure, you have obligations and responsibilities in your life, but that does not mean others get to encroach on your mental space.

So, what to do?

Here is an exercise with three simple steps to clear out your space of others. Sit in quiet place for a few minutes. Take time to feel yourself getting grounded and connected to the earth. This is a great way to make sure you are present in the moment.

1. Start by noticing all the “things” in your space. It might be people’s thoughts, someone else’e plan for your life, demands from responsibilities or the repaying of old conversations. Each of those represent someone or something that is in your space. Initially, you do not need to do anything with it, just notice what is there.

2. Begin to move everything out of your space. Use an imaginary tool to assist you. You can imagine a sponge coming along and wiping it all away. You can imagine a leaf blower coming and blowing everything out of your space. You can picture a magnet pulling all the distractions out of your space.

There is no right or wrong way to do it – the key is that you are putting your intention towards having your space, your mind, your thoughts just for you. Your intention creates the experience you will have.

3. Once you have cleared others out of your space, sit quietly and notice how much more room you have for yourself. Breath in deeply and feel the relief. Imagine your space being filled with a golden light that continues to bring healing to you throughout your day.

And enjoy it!

This exercise is easy to do. Here is the secret: It is like brushing your teeth – just because you did a really good job of brushing your teeth one day, you still have to do it again the next day. Clearing your space should be done frequently. People are always trying to get in, so just keep your boundaries by clearing and owning your space every day.


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  1. I could use some space just to be alone with my thoughts. That kind of space is tough to come by with two little one. I like your tips for creating that space though.

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