Take A Chance

Taking a chance on something new is scary! Thrilling and nerve wracking – sometimes getting butterflies or even cold sweats comes from taking that first step.

But it is necessary in order to move forward.

It’s exciting! Of course, when you take a risk, doctor you want to “get it right.” If it didn’t matter, you would never take a chance. None of us would.

There are things you can do to smooth the process of taking risks, trying new things and putting yourself “out there.”

Here are 3 tips for making it go more easily.

1. Tell a friend. The benefit of sharing your plan with a friend or partner is that it provides both support as you “go for it” as well as accountability in case of cold feet.

2. Allow for mistakes. Cut yourself some slack. Don’t worry if it’s perfect. Perfect is the enemy of good enough. If you wait till every thing is perfect – it will never happen.

3. Jump! Do it and move forward with your plans, hopes, dreams, ideas.