Meditate In The World – Marakkesh

Meditating in public can seem a little unusual, daunting even. But it is actually much easier and calming than you ever imagined. The day my public meditation was in the Yves Saint Laurent Gardens in Marakkesh was marvelously sweet and tranquil. The warm air caressed my skin as I settled into a gentle state of stillness. The sounds that wafted were exotic to me. Languages, birds, insects. As always, I was delighted and surprised by the ease of finding stillness during a public meditation. So utterly exposed. And yet enclosed within myself.

I have meditated publicly literally all over the world – from Morocco to Lake Tahoe [Meditating in -2 Degrees! (that’s -18 in Celsius!)] Each time I learn something new about the world around me, something new about the world within me, something new about the world of meditation itself.

Maybe today is the day you would like to give it a try. Find a rock, a bench, a quiet place amid hustle and bustle. Of course, it is important that you find a place that is safe and that you feel secure. Set you cell phone timer for 5 minutes. Close your eyes and relish the moment as you settle into the most unlikely opportunity for stillness. Enjoy.

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