What is your magic?

There is something truly amazing that you have to offer the world.

It is your unique gift, passion, skill – its your magic.
When you are fully engaged in your magic, you come alive and feel excited about your life.
When you are living your magic, you are both energized and grounded.
When you are sharing your magic, people are amazed by the ease and natural ability of your skill.

What is your magic?

If you know what it is – shout it out! (Share with all of us here in the comments)

Discovering your magic can be delightful. It just needs a bit of reflection on your part and a willingness to see yourself as magical. Sometimes the mind does not see it, but the quiet mind, the subconscious, knows what it is. Here are some ideas you can use to tap into the awareness of your personal magic.

1. Grab some markers and a big piece of paper and write up as many things as come to your mind that you love to do, that gives you passion. Even if it seems like a small thing, write it down – brainstorming pulls all sorts of ideas from the back of your mind out into your consciousness.

See which of these speaks deeply to you. If nothing stands out at first, put your paper away and look at it tomorrow morning. When you wake, have the paper with all your passions and things you love placed somewhere you can see it easily. What jumps out at you? Which of those things catches your eye. That one word or phrase that speaks to you will point to your magic.

2. Take a walk and ask yourself at the beginning of the walk, “What is my magic?” and see what comes to you. Don’t try to force it, just let the ideas and thoughts flow freely. Begin the process of giving yourself permission to tap into your magic, your passion, your unique gifts.

As you walk, allow your body to relax and be at ease – this will help your quiet mind have the space to reveal itself to you. The key is to be open to imagining what is magical about you, to realize what is magical about you and to express what is magical about you.

3. Ask a friend. Sometimes others can see our magic before we even realize it. Maybe it is so natural to you that you just assume it is natural to everyone, when in fact it is unique to you.

A good friend will be happy to tell you what they see in you as your special skill, your passion, your magic.

Share what your magic is – sharing it makes it even more real and allows it to grow.

4 Replies to “What is your magic?”

  1. Giving or helping others — that’s when I feel the magic. The less I have the more full I feel.

  2. Great post, Kathleen. My magic is teaching others. I totally get into a zone and people ask me to repeat something I just said, and I realize it’s just flowing through me, not something I “thought up.” Also, being in water. Not necessarily swimming strokes just paddling around and floating. It’s where I belong. I love the suggestion of a “what’s my magic walk”. I’m going to do that on my break today!

  3. Helping others truly is magical! It is amazing how the act of kindness and service is a way of transformation.

  4. Hi Mira, Yes – your magic is teaching others! You are such a natural.

    And I love that being in water is your magic – that makes so much sense.

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