Trust Me

When I say “trust me” I am actually not asking you to trust me (Kathleen) but rather to get you to hear your own inner voice that is saying “trust me.”

This comes from being willing to take time to hear yourself.

It is also a willingness to live life with a sense of trust instead of trying to control every aspect.

Clutching and gripping so you can have control of everything will cause a brittle life. Letting go of some of that tight hold will actually give you more freedom.

It’s never going to work out perfectly anyways, so relax and let go a bit. Ahhh. *Breathe* It already feels better.

Now,  trusting deeply does not mean sitting around and waiting for something wonderful to pop out of thin air. It means taking the next right action and moving forward.

Do your work in the world as best as you can in alignment with what is true for you.

Here are 3 ways you can create more of a sense of trust in life.

1. Meditate (of course!) every day. This gives you a chance to breathe and let go of some of the gripping control. It also gives you the opportunity to listen to your deep wisdom voice saying “trust me.”

2. Before you get distracted with all the demands on your day, treatment ask yourself “What is the next right action for me to take now?” You may be surprised by what you discover. Sometimes the next right action is difficult, but just take it one step at a time. Trust that you can do it, trust that it will be ok.

3. Notice the times in your life where you have trusted your deep inner wisdom and it turned out to be exactly the right way to go. This is a simple step, but don’t skip it. It is important to take a moment to acknowledge how trusting has made your life richer and fuller.

Best blessings,


9 Replies to “Trust Me”

  1. There was a time a number of years ago when I had an inkling, a nudging in the back of my mind to teach a class in my home. The image in my mind was that it would be an intuition class for women and would last for 6 weeks.

    The truth is I was a bit nervous and not sure it would work out. But I had to trust that voice inside. I knew in my heart, my inner deepest self that it was the work for me to do.

    So I decided to just go for it! I kept moving forward taking the right next step each day.

    And, of course, it went well – in fact it was deeply satisfying. The class continued for 2 years and I got the chance to meet and work with amazing women during that time.

    But it started with trusting the voice inside me to go for it and take the first step.

  2. I spent nearly 2 years preparing to leave my job for business school because I truly thought it was the answer to all of my unhappiness in life and my job. But after countless cross country trips, too many informational sessions to count, 8 applications, 7 interviews, 6 acceptances and one hefty tuition deposit, I threw it all away. It was that moment, sitting on the floor of my empty (would be)Upper West Side apartment that I made the decision to start living life on my own terms. It’s been amazing ride since and I’m constantly working to trust that I’ll continue to be guided in the right direction and make a difference in others’ lives from my story and work.

  3. My biggest Trust Me story came when I decided to move away from my friends, my new boyfriend, and my job to Cameroon, West Africa where I had a two year contract to teach at an American School. I had always wanted to live and work abroad and realized that after living 3 years in Los Angeles, that 2005 was the time I had make a choice to make my dreams a reality. I stayed there for 2 years and had the best experience ever traveling all over Africa! I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do that unless I had Trusted Myself and that decision.

  4. My biggest trust me moment was when I committed to going to energy healing school. I had 2 children under age 4 and it was a lot of money and time away from my family. I knew I had to go. The money kept coming in to pay for my tuition and travel expenses. It made me a much better mother, wife and woman! It was scary to chase a dream.

  5. Amazing Patti! That is such a commitment – and there is no other way to make that kind of choice except through deeply trusting! Love it!

  6. These are great stories. My most valuable “trust me” time was when I decided to start my self esteem building website. I struggled so much to love and accept myself in the early years of my life that I often thought who am I to help others build self-love and self-acceptance. But my inner voice kept telling me to go for it. It kept saying, that since I was able to come out of all my struggles and actually find self-love was a gift that I needed to share. And I’m so thankful I did. It’s been one of the most rewarding things I’ve done so far. It’s brought some amazing people into my life and I’m so grateful for that.

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