The Sweet Spot

The path of least resistance is a powerful concept to keep in mind in life. It allows you to live without creating unnecessary struggle for yourself. It gives you the opportunity to go with the flow.

Break through the resistance is another powerful concept to practice. When things get tough and you want to quit, keep pushing so you can break through the resistance and get to the other side.

So which is it? Each are embodied by opposing images – “going with the flow” in the very picture of lounging in a boat floating down the river. An image for “break through the resistance” that comes to mind is a weightlifter pushing those weights beyond what was thought possible.

Living in either of these states all the time is not ultimately conducive to a rich life, but there is that place in between…the sweet spot.

Every day, every project, every situation has a sweet spot where you can both take the path of least resistance as well as break through the resistance. So how do you find it? How can you live a consistent life in the sweet spot?

Here are 3 tips for life in the sweet spot.

1. Eat Well. Good nutrition not only affects the body, but it affects the brain and the ability to see clearly and make good decisions. Its such an obvious thing, but eating well is essential for your best life.

2. Meditate Daily. Taking time out every day to sit in stillness gives you the opportunity to see the world in a fresh way. You can take off the burden of being “on” all the time and sit back and breathe without having to accomplish anything.

3. Pay Attention. Notice the inner urging and nudging that changes with each situation. Is this a time to go with the flow and keep it simple or is this one of those moments when you have to bite down and be disciplined to get through the hard part? Listen to yourself and your wisdom to find out what to do. There is no one single answer, it changes continuously.

Best blessings,


Unglue your shoulders from your ears

Unglue your shoulders from your ears.

You know that feeling of being so stressed out, that your shoulders are all hunched and crunched – it is as if they are glued to your ears. Ok. Now breathe and slowly let your shoulders slide back down to their place. Ahhh. Want to keep that kind of stress from getting to you? Me too!

Here is what I am going to be doing. In a few weeks, my daughter Talia has spring break. We decided on one of the days we are going to take an ocean-to-forest hike in Marin. We are going to fill our water bottles, pack our lunch and lace up our hiking shoes for a day in the magic of the forest, ocean and nature.

I know for sure this is going to get my shoulders out of the hunch and crunch and allow me to be free of unnecessary stress. At least for that day and probably a few days after. It would be so truly awesome to take this kind of a hike every week.

But even without an ocean-to-forest hike, here are 3 things you can do today to release stress.

1. Open your heart. How to do that? Well the number one way to open your heart and release stress is gratitude. Actually say out loud “Thank You” and you will shift your perspective. Having gratitude for all the good in your life right here, right now will release blocks, obstacles, stress and strain. Try it.

2. Go swimming. Pool, ocean, stream. Not near a body of water? Take a bath. Wash the dishes in hot sudsy water. There is tremendous healing property in water and immersing yourself in it will bring relaxation and freedom from tension.

3. Get some extra sleep. Go to bed a bit earlier – you know how good it will feel in the morning to wake rested. Take a midday nap if you can sneak one in – lots of people profess the power of a 20 minute nap. Either way, get a bit more sleep so your body can release some of the strain.

Best Blessings,


Protect Your Confidence

When you are working on important project,  trying something new or pushing towards a difficult goal, it is essential to protect your confidence.

This does not mean becoming puffed up with (false) confidence. This means staying grounded and centered.

Here are 3 ways you can protect your confidence.

1. Allow your confidence to grow strong by validating and acknowledging each success and accomplishment . When you recognize your accomplishments, you are giving yourself a chance to repeat the habits that build success.

2. Stop the pattern of self criticism. Often times we are way too hard on ourselves. It’s good to see the places where we need to improve, but a constant beating down on yourself will undermine your confidence. And continuous self criticism actually does not lead to improvement anyways.

See what needs to change and determine a single, simple step to shift the direction of your actions. Even a small step in the “right direction” builds confidence.

3. Resist the temptation to compare yourself with others. This is a big one, because we live in a world filled with comparisons and competition. To protect your confidence, keep your eye on your goal, your dream, your life – not someone elses. If it gets too overwhelming, a walk in nature can be a satisfying way to get grounded and centered.

Best blessings,


The “not-good-enough” slump

You know that experience of feeling “not good enough” compared to other people?

Maybe it sneaks up on you when you read about someone else’s success.
Maybe it happens if you wake up feeling low.

Whatever the reason, it can be pretty tough to shake off.

Here are 3 ways to get out of that slump:

1. See the good in others. When you validate other people, you take your mind off your problems. It also helps you see more of the goodness inside yourself.

2. Be of service to someone else. Immediate change of perspective comes with helping someone. It can be a small gesture, like holding the door open for the next person. It can be calling up a friend in need and offering to make a meal this week.

3. Express gratitude. Count your blessings. Say Thank You!

Try any or all of these to get out of the “not-good-enough” slump.



Third step to access your intuition [video]

Imagine you could access your intuition any time you needed it! Well, you can. And it is easy when you follow three simple steps.

Check out the video to find out what those three steps are and how to develop more in the third step to access your intuition.

What are the first two steps? Find out more here. First step to access your intuition and
Second step to access your intuition.

Second step to access your intuition [video]

Imagine you could access your intuition any time you needed it! Well, you can. And it is easy when you follow three simple steps.

Check out the video to find out what those three steps are and how to develop more in the second step to access your intuition.

What’s the first step? Find out more here. First step to access your intuition.

First step to access your intuition [video]

Imagine you could access your intuition any time you needed it! Well, you can. And it is easy when you follow three simple steps.

Check out the video to find out what those three steps are and how you can start today with the first step to access your intuition.

Stop, wait a minute…

How do you use your intuition when you are busy? When you are in the heat of a moment trying to make a decision or trying to make choices that are thrust on you?

Well, the answer is to stop. Take a minute to say OK, let me just think about this, or let me just look at this, or let me just listen to myself for a minute.

The main thing is to stop what you are doing, turn off the music, close down the computer or at least turn your back on it for a few minutes and just listen.

This process of listening to yourself does several things right off the bat. First it gives you a moment to catch your breath and not be stuck with reacting to a situation.

It also puts you in control of the situation because you are setting the boundaries – you are saying, OK, my terms, I am going to take a breath and collect myself.

The stopping to listen to yourself also gives you a subconscious message that you trust yourself.

You are taking time and effort and intention to seek council from the one you respect and consider wise in the matter – your inner self, your deepest self.

And when you trust yourself and listen to your inner wisdom, you will find that you will be able to tap into your intuition easily and have confidence knowing what to do.



That Pesky Monkey Mind

Ahh, you finally got seated for your meditation. Maybe you were looking forward to it, maybe you were dreading it, but either way, you made it.

As you settle into that sweet moment of quietness you take a deep breathe in…and out. No sooner than your second breathe, it begins…

The Monkey Mind.

The Monkey Mind is that wild, chattering, screeching endless loop of thoughts that go on and on, over and over in your head. It can be exhausting!

No matter how many times you have meditated, no matter how many years you have dedicated to your practice, Monkey Mind can catch up to you at a moment’s notice.

And when it comes to you during meditation, simply smile. Smile and relax and breathe.

And keep sitting.

Find it amusing if your entire meditation practice for that day was filled with nonsense. No need to judge yourself or worry about it.

Even if it Monkey Mind bothers you every time you meditate, just keep sitting. Keep sitting, every day start anew.

When Monkey Mind comes, laugh at it and enjoy the moment for what it is. Breathe. Eventually it goes away and leaves you to your peace and quiet.

Remember that there is no perfect meditation, just daily meditation.

Best blessings to you,


Quick tip for using your intuition

Here is a super quick tip for getting to your intuition.

Have you ever had a moment when you needed to make a decision about something but there were so many things going on that you could not even see clearly?

The phone is ringing,  texts are chiming, email is beeping. And all you want to do is have a minute of peace and quiet so you can listen to yourself think.

You know that the information you need is right inside your deep intuitive wisdom, but with all the distractions it seems impossible to get to it.

Here is what to do: take a walk.

Yup, sometimes it is that simple! Just put on your coat and head outside for some fresh air to clear the fog in your mind. When you walk (without your cell phone or music) your body unwinds and your mind can start to relax. Ahhh. That is when your intuition is most readily available to you.

The demands of other people, your own inner conversation, the interruptions and commotions all settle down.

Now you can hear yourself think.
Now you can hear your inner wisdom.
Now you can hear your intuition.

Once you listen to your intuition, be sure to trust it and follow it.

So next time you want to get an answer from inside yourself, go outside and take a walk.

Best blessings,


3 simple ways to remember to meditate every day

Have you decided to meditate every day,  but are finding it hard to remember to do it?

You would have meditated but it just slipped your mind… (that used to happen to me when I first started my daily practice.)

Here are 3 ways you can make sure that you meditate every day:

1. Got a calendar? A powerful way to remember to meditate every day is to put it into the calendar. Schedule it like you would any event, there meeting or appointment that you want to make sure you do not miss.

2. If you have an event prompt on your phone, use it to get a reminder of your meditation time.

It may be that some days of the week you have a nighttime meditation and other days you try a daytime meditation. An event alert on your phone will help you stay on track with those different times.

I use my phone as a reminder when I am on vacation with my family and our time schedules get mixed together. When my phone reminder beeps, the kids know I am going to close the door and take time for my meditation.

3. One of the best ways to take make sure you meditate is to do it first thing in the morning before anything else can get in the way.

These simple tools can make the difference between thinking about meditating and actually doing it.



Easy as riding a bike

One question that comes up frequently is “How can I learn to trust my intuition?” The answer is as easy as riding a bike.

In my family there are 10 children and I was the last one to learn how to ride a bike. Even my two little brothers knew how to ride before me!

Learning to ride would bring freedom to roam the neighborhoods and get to the corner store to buy candy. But I was held back worried of zooming down the street and taking a dreaded spill. Ouch!

In all other respects, I was fearless – climbing tall trees, even the roof of our house. With my brothers we rode a rope swing 30 feet over the edge of the hill, screaming with delight. I slept outside under the stars listening to the hoot of owls and the flutter of bats.

Yet somehow riding a bike made me nervous.

Eventually the time had come to learn. We had neighborhood tennis courts on our block, so one of my brothers took me out and pushed the back end of the bike while I pedaled. Each time he started to let go I sensed it immediately and would put my feet down to bring the bike to a stop.

I could not trust myself to stay upright on the bike.

He convinced me to go just a tiny ways without him holding on before I stopped the bike. OK, I could try that. After a couple of attempts, my fear swelled up and I had to stop.

A few days later my Dad took me out to practice. This time I was willing to extend the distance and go a bit further. Little baby steps.

Then suddenly I heard my Dad giving a great big holler, “Good job!” I had been riding by myself the whole time I thought he was pushing me. WOW I did it!

The next big challenge was riding on the street and then later going down hills. Each time I was nervous and started out slowly until my experience was successful and my confidence grew.

It is the same with trusting your intuition.

Trusting yourself can be uncertain business. The paradox is that the more you trust yourself, the easier it becomes. But where do you start?

Little tiny baby steps. Small distances.

Start by listening to your intuition in ways that are safe and of little consequence. After you have the opportunity of following your intuition, your assurance will grow and you will have the courage to trust it more.

One day you will be completely at ease using with your intuition. It will be second nature and you never forget how to do it. Like riding a bike.

Next time your intuition nudges you, take a chance and trust it.



Start it up (again)

Sometimes I forget to meditate. Does that ever happen to you, too?

Early first thing in the morning is when I like to meditate, but it doesn’t always work out.

My neatly scheduled world is rocked by holidays, travel, children and life. Oh well, not much to be done about that.

One thing that really helps is a short meditation to keep on track during the busy times.

If you don’t have a practice, or if you have lost a bit of momentum during the busyness of life, try the Five Minute Meditation.

It is easy to do.

Sit down.
Set your cell phone timer for 5 minutes.
Close your eyes.
(that’s it)

When you forget to meditate, or to exercise or to get enough sleep or whatever it is that you like to do for yourself – don’t fret. Just start it up again when you can.

Be kind and loving to yourself.
Best blessings to you today and every day.


How to use your intuition while shopping

Trying to pick the right gift for someone?

Here is a quick and easy intuition tool you can use while you are shopping, even amid the chaos of people, noise and sales clerks.

First of all,stop. Just take a moment to stop and breathe. If there are lots of shiny lights and distractions, just look at your feet for a second. This will help you get grounded.

Next step, hold the item you are considering buying in your hand. If possible, put everything else down and focus on the one single item in your hand.

Now state the question, either verbally or in your mind, “Should I buy this right now?” Make sure to include the “right now” in the question so you are perfectly clear. No need to add the person’s name or any other details to your question. Keep it a simple “yes or no” question.

As you state the question, “Should I buy this right now?” allow yourself to see a Green Light for “yes” and a Stop Sign for “no.” These are common symbols and can easily be imagined.

Without trying to think about which one is the answer, let the symbol that represents the best choice for you become clear in your mind’s eye.

When you get a clear indication of the “yes” Green Light or the “no” Stop Sign, be sure to follow through accordingly.

You already know whether or not to buy this item. You already know the best decision for your situation. All you are doing now is getting a clear answer so you can move forward.

Now go out there and try it! You may think this is too simple, but seriously, you have to try it and see how easy it is. Trust yourself. Trust your intuition. The more you do, the easier it is.

Best Blessings,


Gratitude brings healing and miracles

gratitude badge

Gratitude brings healing and miracles.

Take a moment to express your gratitude and enjoy the benefits of a lighter heart and easier flow in your life.

Find the “right” answer

You know those times when you have to make a decision about something – its not a big deal, but until you make your choice its holding up everything else. You need an answer and you need it now!

Well here is a super quick and easy trick you can do to find out your best choice.

Flip a coin. 

Yup – that’s right! When you are trying to make a fast decision about something, determine heads to be one answer and tails to be the other.

And then toss the coin in the air. It does not matter whether the coin lands on heads or tails, because here is the secret:

Once the coin is in the air, you will naturally wish for it to go one way more than the other.

I’ve heard myself exclaim upon the result of the coin toss, “Yes! That is exactly what I wanted!” as well as “Bummer, I was hoping for the other one.”

Either way is perfect because your reaction points to your true desire.

You know the answer inside you. Have fun with this trick next time you need to make a quick choice.


Are you late?

Are you late? Sometimes? Or always? That was me – always late! Rushing, hurrying, frantic and on the go, go, go.

My old habit was to go faster, thinking that I could hurry to make up for lost time. But that never worked.

One day, I was sick and tired of living with the pressure, trying to squeeze one more thing into an already packed day. So these are 2 of the things I did to change that.


1. Slow down

As it turns out, slowing down helped me to stop being late.

When you slow down, you are giving your body the message that being calm is your normal way of life. You are teaching yourself to stay grounded and giving yourself the opportunity to enjoy more of each day.

Rolling through the stop sign, not quite stopping all the way? That is your reminder to slow down.

When you are “in a hurry” you are not “in the moment.”

Slowing down helps you stay present, get grounded and enjoy being in the moment.

Slowing down becomes easier when you have a daily meditation practice.


2. Get up early

OK, this goes completely against my natural inclination! But having trained myself to get up a bit earlier has made all the difference in the world.

Since everyone in our household is on a different afternoon and evening schedule, breakfast is one of our main family meals. We have a full hot breakfast every school morning together.

Easy to do? Not at first, but worth it. Once you get in the habit, it really is not so hard.

Getting up early gives you time for a daily meditation and the extra time you need to get ready for your day free of harried panic and rush.

One morning a week, my teenage daughter Talia and I get out of the house early for coffee and hot chocolate. We go to a tiny cafe by her school and sit at our favorite table. Because it is early, the light is barely streaming in from outside.

Sometimes she does homework and I prep my day. Sometimes we just sit and talk. I always get a small extra dry espresso and convince her to give me a spoonful of her rich hot chocolate – it makes a perfect mocha.

We both look forward to this morning each week and I treasure these moments.


Start today

You can start today bringing more calm into your life and enjoying each moment by slowing down even for a few minutes. And go to bed a bit earlier so tomorrow you can get a fresh start on the day.





Your Next Step is…Gratitude

Have you even tried to figure out what is your next step?  It can be frustrating when you are not quite sure what to do and that makes it even harder to figure it out.

Here is an exercise to try:

Your Next Step is Gratitude.

By being thankful, expressing gratitude or acknowledging appreciation you can see the good already in your life.

When you do this, your body and your mind both start to relax a bit.

You can breathe easier.

You can think clearly.

Ah, now you see how this works…breathe easy, think clearly. These are the things you need to clear your mind and see through the fog to what is your best Next Step.

It is so simple, try out loud “I am so grateful for… in my life.”

Or tell a friend “Thank you, I appreciate you.”

Best blessings,



What part of your body…

Did you know that it is completely possible to listen to your intuition through various parts of your body? Ok, I know this sounds odd, but it will make more sense when I explain.

Your intuition is deeply rooted in your body and will be revealed naturally to each of us in different ways and at different times.

Most common is what we frequently refer to as “gut instinct.” You have probably even talked about “a feeling right in the pit of my stomach.”

Some people feel their intuition in their feet or legs, as if they are being led to do something and the body already knows it.

Other people sense it in their mind either as a picture of what to do next or as a thought expressed in words.

Some people feel it in their throat when they get ready to speak. They may know they must say something and are being led by their deep intuition to speak up.

What is your way?
What part of your body do you use to listen to your intuition?

I listen to my intuition in my mind’s eye. I can see what I need to do in my mind and can make choices from there.

See if you can figure out what part of your body “speaks” to you and tap into that when you need to know what to do.



Short and sweet words of wisdom

Kathleen Bloom S&T This morning I decided to check in with my teenage daughters about intuition. We were driving in the car on our way to an early morning appointment and so I just asked them for any thoughts on why you should listen to your intuition.

Talia answered immediately,  “It feels good and gives you confidence.”

That is why you should listen to your intuition.

And she continued,  “The more you listen, the easier it becomes.”

It was completely obvious to Sarah why she listens to her intuition: “It’s the right answer, why wouldn’t you listen to it?!”

Really, need I say more? Succinct and clear.

Next time you might hesitate to listen to your intuition, do it anyways because:

It feels good,
gives you confidence
it is the right answer for you.
(Why would you not listen to the right answer?)

And remember,
the more you do it the easier it becomes.

Best to you,